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  the experts you've always wanted on your side.  

  odborníci, které jste vždy chtěli mít na své straně.  

Your Partner in Business (r)Evolution

Welcome to Loewenland, where your business transformation journey begins. We specialize in steering the heart and soul of private, family-owned, and small to medium-sized businesses, ensuring their readiness for tomorrow's challenges.

We really enjoy this and we're good at it:

  Experienced external managers  

From long-term company management to interim one and emergency management during unforeseen crises. Call us when a founder suddenly can't continue running the company. Are you looking for a successor for your company founder? We can help you find and nurture one. It can even be done quickly if needed, but it's better to give it time. Call us.


  Painless handover  

Has the time come to exit your business after many years of hard work? We'll prepare your business for a seamless transfer, whether handing it over to the next generation or welcoming a new owner. We will guide you through the preparation for the business sale or cleaning under the carpet before handing it over to successors.


  Handling compliance  

We will ensure that your business is resilient to regulatory compliance irregularities. We know that sometimes when building a business, there hasn't been time to keep track of all the regulatory changes. We will make the necessary changes to, for example, privacy compliance, employment law, company documentation, and other regulations in your business.

  We build Start-ups  

Do you have an idea and an initial investment? But are you building a company for the first time? We can help you transform your idea into a successful business. A start-up must keep accounts, protect personal data, find and train employees, protect intellectual property, or take inventory. We'll put the necessary agendas in place and teach you how to get by without us. And if you need help developing an idea into THAT product or THAT service, we really enjoy that.

  Product and service development  

We empower companies that need stronger development teams and encourage innovation and growth. Do you have ideas but need to flesh them out? Or have you run out of ideas after a few years and lost your edge to the competition? Call us! We've got ideas to spare.

  We can help you find your way in the marketing jungle

We can bring in all flavors of marketing needed for your excellent product and services. Just keep doing what you are perfect in; we will manage the rest to get your masterpieces to their customers.

  Expertise in sales and customer service   

Experience in shaping sales and service organizations. We are also masters at implementing systems and changes, from CRM to knowledge bases.

Empower Your Business. Evolve with Loewenland.


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